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Relationship of Internet Addiction and Stress Coping Behaviorsamong the 5th.6th Graders in Primary School
J Korean Soc Sch Health 2006;19:45-54
Published online June 30, 2006
© 2006 The Korean Society of School Health

Meoung Hee Ko*, Bok Hee Cho**

* Jeongeup suseng Elementary School** College of Nursing, Chonnam National University, CRINS
Purpose : The purpose of this study is to find out the relationship between internet addiction and stress copingbehaviors among the 5th.6th gradersMethods : there were 609 5th.6th graders from 13 school located in Jeongeup city and the data werecollected from June 1-10, 2004. Research instrument to test internet addiction was 4-points summated scalecomposed of 20-items and the instrument to examine stress coping behaviors was also 4-points summated scalecomposed of 30-items. The data was analyzed by frequency, percentage, χ2-test, Pearson's CorrelationCoefficient and multiple regression analysis using SPSS/PC 10.0.Results : The results were as follows: 1.The degree of internet addiction were 2.4% of addiction, 36.5% ofaddiction tendency and 61.1% of non-addiction.2. In the relation between the degree of internet addiction and subscale stress coping behaviors, Internetaddiction had significant positive correlation to the passive-avoiding coping (r= .202, p= .000) and aggressivecoping(r= .233, p= .000). Multiple regression analysis revealed that the most powerful predictor of internetaddiction was passive-avoiding coping. Aggressive coping and active coping had significant effects on internetaddiction. These predictive variables of internet addiction explained 10.2% of variance.Conclusion : From the above findings, the authors concluded that it is necessary to develop a program forprevention of the internet addiction and education of stress coping behaviors can be recommended forprevention of the internet addiction.
Keywords : Internet Addiction, stress coping behaviors, 5th.6th graders
December 2023, 36 (3)
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